Monday, 9 November 2015

Sex, crime and the State

The Conservative Party continues to repeat the mantra "crime is falling" - and yet the prisons are full to bursting with thousands of single cells having bunks installed in order to make them two man cells.

The next excuse they trot out, which somewhat contradicts their first statement, is that the reason for the increasing prison population is the number of new "sex crimes" committed.  Have people suddenly discovered "sex crime" or has the government moved the goal posts?

I ask because D J. Neil Fox is on trial for kissing a girl 20 years ago.  The prosecution claims he "forced his tongue into her mouth".  She was 15 at the time.  One has some sympathy with the girl until she admits "I asked him for a kiss?".

Another woman, a work colleague, complains that he “touched my breasts”.  The age-old rebuke to that, surely, is that you slap his face.  You don’t wait 15 years and then complain to the police.

The current ‘fashion’ for prosecuting celebrities is a smoke screen for the really serious failings of all the government agencies over past years when huge numbers of small children were grotesquely sexually abused by the civil servants who were supposed to be looking after them.  The councils did nothing, the government inspectors did nothing, the police did nothing, the press did nothing; meanwhile the politicians, Special Branch, MI5 and the legal profession, who themselves were mired up to the elbows in dirty deeds all conspired to keep a lid on it.

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