Thursday, 1 October 2015

A law a day keeps the bogeyman at bay

The politburo at the People’s Republic of Conwy is set to introduce new laws requiring taxi drivers to spy on passengers.

In a bout of ‘me tooism’ councillors in my local borough have decided that the failures of police and council officials in Rotherham, which led to the widespread sexual abuse of young girls, presents a good excuse to broaden their empire and inflict further intrusive measures on the local population.

In Rotherham any number of laws already existed mandating the various government agencies to act when children were deemed to be in harm’s way.  All of the authorities concerned chose to ignore the laws and look the other way.

Conwy Council has decided that if government officials are not prepared to obey existing laws it must be the case that more are required – and they are the men and women to write them!

So, because the police and council officials have been inept in the past – in a town on the other side of the country – Conwy councillors have decided that they will introduce new local byelaws requiring taxi drivers to take an extra special interest in their passengers.  The councillors have not yet decided how intrusive this new interest might be but you can bet your bottom dollar that a fair number of ordinary citizens whom taxi drivers deem to be ‘acting a little odd’, or maybe unprepared to answer questions to the satisfaction of the driver, are going to get a follow-up visit from the police.

On a not entirely unrelated issue, my local paper reports that a woman whose partner (nobody has a ‘husband’ anymore) grew cannabis has been dragged into court and is to be sent on a ‘thinking skills course’.  She was also fired from her job.  I seem to recall that, about two years ago, a young trainee barrister was arrested for possession of cocaine.  The judge presiding reassured the young man that his conviction would not prevent him entering the bar and in no way would be  a blight on his career.

“It’s the rich wot gets the pleasure, it’s the poor what gets the blame.  Isn’t it a bloomin’shame.”

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