Sunday, 26 July 2015

More sex and drugs

For a small group of people our parliamentarians manage to get themselves into a lot of trouble.

Today we learn that Lord Sewell, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, is being investigated by Scotland Yard for his cocaine use.  He has been caught on camera in a sting by the Sun newspaper snorting cocaine from rolled up £5 notes while engaging in sex with a group of prostitutes.

Lord Sewell, a member of the now notorious Dolphin Square Set, until his resignation today, was paid a salary of £84,525 plus £36,000 ‘expenses’ and can be heard on camera complaining that “things” – meaning the remuneration package – “are not as good as they once were”.

These are the people who have decided they have a God-given right to pass laws over us.

Nevertheless, I don't suppose it will cause him lasting reputational damage; cocaine snorting is a required skill in merchant banking and at The Bar.

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