Friday, 26 June 2015

Stephen Fry and Prince Charles

After admitting he snorted cocaine in Buckingham Palace and Clarence House, Stephen Fry might have expected a frosty reception from senior Royals. But the comedian reveals that Prince Charles has forgiven him, and their friendship has not been affected.
Stephen Fry and Prince Charles.

Fry, 57, says, "It’s fair to say that he knows I am naughty. He is not a judgmental, mean, prissy sort of man."

Fry, who is bipolar and suffers from depression, says the drugs helped him cope with his mood swings before his condition was diagnosed. "If you have a condition when your moods are victim to some strange illness inside your mind and brain but you don’t know you have got an actual illness with a name, alcohol and street drugs change your mood in a way that nothing else will." No doubt with an eye on having his collar felt by the boys in blue he adds, "It is, of course, a bad idea and it exacerbates the problem." Not that having Prince Charles as a pal in any way influences the issue.

At Buckingham Palace there is a long and noble tradition of 'drug-taking'. The Beatles famously smoked cannabis when they attended the palace to be presented with their MBEs.

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