Saturday, 30 May 2015

Silk Road and FIFA

So our American cousins have locked up Ross Ulbricht, the man behind the Silk Road website, and thrown away the key.

And his heinous crime?  Providing a market place for people who wished to purchase ‘drugs’.

Originally they very publicly accused him of trying to arrange one or more murders (as many as four were alleged) but these charges were dropped – one presumes because there was no evidence.  What?  Four murders plotted and / or commissioned and not a shred of evidence?  Could it be that there never was such a plot?  Could it be that the story was put out there to convince a rightfully sceptical public that punishment with maximum prejudice was warranted?

So what was his real crime?  The US government’s main gripe was that they believe the site had generated $13 million in ‘commissions’ over the years (remember, never believe official 'spin').  Nothing energises the bureaucrat quite like the notion that someone is making more money than he or she – and that, of course is why the Americans are interested in FIFA.  Yes it is a corrupt organisation but it is being corrupt in Switzerland, South America and Asia.    If FIFA were abusing people in these countries instead of creaming off millions of dollars would the American ‘justice department’ give a hoot?

Back to Silk Road:  the US Government spin machine has found two families to go on record to state that their sons died as a result of purchases made on the Silk Road site.  However sad this is – and it is sad – I have yet to see a list of all the deaths that have followed the copious consumption of Jack Daniels or Bacardi.  The Americans have claimed that total drug sales topped $213 million over the years.  And only two drug deaths?  How many deaths would have followed the sales of $213 million worth of Ford motor cars or $213 million worth of legal guns?

The Silk Road case has no connection with public safety; it is, as ever, primarily about the modern bureaucratic fascination with money.  Whether it is FIFA ‘fraud’, tax havens or ‘drugs’, their problem is that someone is making money and it is not them.

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