Saturday, 2 May 2015

Afraid of public scutiny

This week a judge in Liverpool ordered that a man in the public gallery who had made a short a video of proceedings on his iPhone be sentenced to three months in prison.

What is the matter with these people?  Why the obsession with locking up ordinary people for no good reason?  Not to mention the costs of maintaining a needlessly large prison system.  What is likely to be the cost of all of this malarkey?  A couple of thousand for the court hearing, £4,000 per week to keep a man in prison, the 'victim's' loss of earnings and damage to job prospects.  For what?  A couple of seconds shaky video of a man in funny clothes sitting on the bench.

You have to wonder what they are so afraid of.  Why do they fear an independent record of what is being said and done in 'open' court?

It is exactly like the medieval days when the church fought to maintain prayer services in Latin.   The Establishment of the day is always afraid of the common man knowing what is going on.

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