Monday, 20 April 2015

Cannabis in Hyde Park

Roughly 10,000 people attended yesterdays pro-cannabis rally in Hyde Park, Central London.

(Pic: one of our old grow rooms in North Wales - CRIMAX )

The odour of skunk could be smelled over half a mile away according to reports.  53 people were arrested of which 10 were given warnings, 6 were given penalty notices, 21 were given bail and 16 were taken into custody.

Stuart Harper of Norml UK, which planned the event, said police were generally accepting of the protest, “but … some people simply allowed their exuberance to overtake themselves."

Paul Birch, of the 'Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol' party said, "“You can’t stop events like today; it’s a global movement. That ship has sailed."

Th latest public opinion figures show that 49% of British adults are opposed to the legalisation of cannabis and 32% are in favour.  The 'those in favour of legalisation' figure is slightly down on previous polling results and may be due in some measure to the UK government's on-going propaganda war that continues to insist that "all drugs are equally dangerous".

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