Saturday, 25 April 2015

Boys-for-sale Parliamentary cover up grows

The head of the Director of Public Prosecutions - the woman who, against legal advice, decided not to pursue a prosecution against Lord Janner for buggering small boys over a 20 year period - was a member of the same barristers' chambers as the disgraced Lord.

When Lord Janner was first investigated in relation to sexual offences in 1991 he sought advice from the famous libel lawyer George Carmen QC who successfully represented Jimmy Savile when he threatened to sue a number of newspapers that were about to accuse him of child abuse.

Sir Richard Henriques, the retired judge who is currently reviewing the "errors" which prevented Lord Janner from being brought to trial in the past, is understood to have regarded the late George Carman QC as a friend and mentor at the Bar.

Simon Danczuk, the Labour candidate for Rochdale who helped expose the cover up of Cyril Smith’s abusive past, said it “once again shows all the hallmarks of a small clique of people who look after themselves.”

Savile and Janner linked to each other via Carmen

The CPS said Sir Richard was unaware of a connection between Mr Carman and Lord Janner when he accepted the DPP’s invitation to review the cases.


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