Monday, 9 March 2015

In fear of the Americans

I have mentioned repeatedly that the POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act) mechanism and the mindset behind it will spread to more general law and human activities. I can now cite another example of where this is happening.

Finance and banking are now international activities and the United States in its role as ‘policeman of the world’ believes it is entitled to control all global activity. It has used ‘fines’ and confiscations to bankrupt at least one Swiss bank with a branch office in America because it was offering tax-advantageous overseas banking to US citizens. The American government also took action against a British bank because they did not approve of its dealings with Iran.

Wary of massive financial retaliation from the Americans for any perceived misdemeanours, British banks are now checking into their customers’ backgrounds to see if they have any business or family connections of which the American government might disapprove. The (British) banks are then summarily closing the accounts of these totally law-abiding and loyal customers. All of this is being done in secret and without recourse to any legal redress. Perfectly ordinary people are being cut out of the normal financial community and it is happening because of arrogance and stupidity on the part of civil servants combined with fear, spinelessness and more stupidity on the part of private corporations that are prepared to do anything to safeguard their profits.

Even more worryingly is the so-called justification for this attack on innocent people: their private international transactions might, in the future, fund crime or terrorism. Government agents are taking the principles they have managed to get enacted into law via POCA to claim that suspicion automatically indicates guilt followed by punishment. These actions by British banks have even gone one stage further than POCA (which presumes guilt) because it is no longer even possible to attempt a defence or counter argument. The decision by the banks is final and binding. No appeal is possible. The banks blame the American secret services and the Americans can say ‘this is a British banking issue – nothing to do with us’

From The Guardian Newspaper, 7th March 2015.

"The MBE and his wife, and why NatWest shut down their accounts. An economics professor awarded an MBE by the government for his role in helping to rebuild war-torn Kosovo has had his NatWest current account, savings accounts and credit card shut down with no explanation, despite having been with the bank for 40 years.
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