Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Britain - the death of democratic accountability

The British Government's Home Secretary - one of the most senior cabinet posts: "Pedophilia in Britain is woven into the fabric of society".

Four senior judges caught viewing hardcore pornography while presiding over trials.

Members of Parliament, senior civil servants, high court judges and military top brass caught in police sting while forcing 14 year old boys to submit to sex.  The caretaker who installed the spy camera for the police is murdered.  MI5 step in to kill the investigation and serve the police with a "D" Notice (a Defence Notice issued under the 'defence of the realm' legislation) disobedience of which, assuming the recipient were to live long enough, carries a two year prison sentence.

A number of similar investigations have been mothballed until the perpetrators have died, although the offences took place from the mid 1980s until the present day.

A retired senior detective who was involved says "this strikes at the heart of British democracy".  Still, only those who have died are being named.  The establishment continues to protect its own.  The police are dragging their feet in order to give the guilty parties time to destroy evidence.

The Cannabis Conspiracy (New material added March 2015).

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