Saturday, 6 December 2014

The British police state

“Britain is in danger of becoming a police state” warns the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, Sir Peter Fahey, in the week that The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee reports “The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) is not fit for purpose because it allows the police, MI5, MI6, all manner of secret government listening organisations, the Americans and a great many bureaucrats on the local council, to spy on anyone they want.

I have news for him: it already is.

In 1966 the then head of the Ant-Terrorist Squad, commenting on wire-taps on IRA suspects and, no doubt, the tracking of other “commie subversives”, “queers and druggies” said that “Britain has become a police state – and that is a pity.”

It has come to something when British and American journalists feel they have to base themselves in Berlin to exercise the right of freedom of action and free speech in order to feel reasonably safe from surveillance.  Because of its all-too-obvious recent history, Germany is the only country in the world that still makes a serious attempt to limit the power of the state over the freedom of the individual.

Just a few months ago Mr and Mrs King had to flee to Spain because an NHS hospital had arranged for them to be arrested for the crime of trying to get the best cancer treatment for their dying child.

Then there is the case of Betty Figg’s mother.  Mrs Figg considered that the local council were treating her elderly mother inadequately in an old people’s centre.   She decided she could look after her mother better at home.  One day after bringing home her elderly mother, six policemen arrived at the kitchen door with a battering ram, seized the old lady, bundled her into a wheelchair and for some extraordinary reason, threw a tea towel over her head as they raced her to their van.  They were in such a hurry to complete the “smash and grab raid” that they collided with a concrete bollard on the pavement.

“We’re in danger of becoming a police state”.  I have news for you, Sir Peter: we are well past that stage.

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