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2014 - another year – more sex, power and murder

I mentioned in the Cannabis Cover Up and Crimax, a semi-fictional account of drugs, sex and money, about the child abuse that had been going on in children’s homes in North Wales since the 1970s – and how the local police, at least one council and a major insurance company had all entered into a conspiracy to hush it up.

Finally, after more than thirty years there are now as many as 18 separate investigations going on around the country involving those who control our major institutions: parliament, the House of Lords, the police, the military and the justice system.  All these state-run organisations are implicated in not just one, but a series of possibly interlocked child trafficking rings.

It has just been reported that children from some of the North Wales homes were shipped down to London in order to be sexually abused by prominent politicians, civil servants and even top military figures.

No matter how many times the police and MI5 try and hush it up, elements of the story keep leaking out.  Only when the Liberal MP Cyril Smith died was it possible for journalists in the know to report the scale of his perversions with young boys.

His boss, Jeremy Thorpe narrowly avoided being convicted for the attempted murder of a stable boy with whom he had been having sex.

The public wonder how it was that Jimmy Savile was never brought to trial to answer at least some of the accusations of sexual assault made against him.  Now we know.  He was protected by a powerful secret society of well-connected sexual perverts who not only got their kicks from attacking young defenceless boys and hurting them, but even went as far as murdering them for sexual gratification.  Savile knew that if the police ever challenged him he could spill the beans on all that he knew.  These powerful men used the police and MI5 as their personal protection, warning off any junior policemen or journalist who asked too many questions.

“Prominent people who attended parties at Elm Guest House are reported to have included the Liberal MP Cyril Smith, the Soviet spy Anthony Blunt, the former British diplomat Sir Peter Hayman, and the Foreign Office barrister Colin Peters, who was later jailed in 1989 for being part of a network which abused over a hundred boys. According to The Independent, other alleged visitors to the guesthouse include a Sinn Féin politician, a Labour MP, several Conservative politicians, judges and pop stars”.

A woman who might have been able to shed some light on all this and name names was found dead a couple of years ago in suspicious circumstances.

Where do you go for protection when the government, the police, MI5, the military, the lawyers and the judges are all members of an evil cabal which is above the law by virtue that they make the law and are responsible for its administration?

Every branch of the state is in on this because all the levers are controlled by the men at the top.  The police, the Crime Commissioners the IPCC (so-called independent complaints commission) all report to the same few offices in Central London where back channels exist to run an administration within an administration.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for.  The “official” political system exists only for show – in order to fool the public that the ordinary man or woman has some small say in what goes on.

Finally the general public is wising up.  No one now believes much of what they are told by officialdom and with good reason.  Remember what we were told about “The EEC (The European Economic Community”?  Not one politician mentioned the formation of the European Union; and then there was the Euro; luckily we dodged that bullet.  

The financial crisis was caused by the banks, we are told – but the government controls the banks.  It deliberately limits the main clearing banks to four private companies so it can control our money.  All other banks must operate in the financial markets through this government controlled cartel.  The most senior administrators in the land are all connected in some way to the big banks, either as board members or well-paid advisors.  So naturally when the banks went broke they simply used our tax money to bail them out, no questions asked.  Some low level employees got fired but the usual suspects, even now, in the midst of a global downturn, continue to get richer.  Tony Blair hides his new-found wealth behind a series of companies and foundations.

I don’t object to people making money from trade and commerce but Blair makes his money by “facilitating” introductions between one group of international politicians and another.  All of these political groups are kept afloat by our money, extracted from us by force.  Blair is making his money by advising other political leaders how to scam us more effectively.

As a reader, I don’t expect you actually to do anything about this state of affairs.  What would be the point in writing to your local Member of Parliament?  Certainly, when I wrote to mine he was not the slightest bit interested that the police were quietly intercepting drug money and sharing it out among themselves.  Complaining to your MP or the Secretary of State that government employees and senior civil servants are on the take is hardly “breaking news”.

All you can do, for the moment, is be aware that almost every government official in any position of power is likely to be corrupt.  Put another way, if they are honest, they cannot be in a position of power.  It was this realisation that eventually brought down the evil empire that was the old Soviet Union.  It was not destroyed by outside military intervention; it was systematically brought to its knees by millions of devious and insidious little actions of defiance by the people.  Millions and millions of spanners in the works over a prolonged period of time until the chain of control ceased to be effective.  The people had the commissars chasing their tales.

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