Sunday, 9 November 2014

Too many jobsworth

A mother who left her six year old child alone in the house for 45 minutes while she took a driving lesson is now unable to find a job because because the criminal conviction that followed continuous to haunt her.

She left her six year old child in the house while she took a driving lesson in order to improve her chances of getting s job.  She did, in fact, pass her driving test.  While she was out a 'community nurse' called and the boy answered the door.  The nurse contacted the police; the police felt obliged to issue an official caution which, technically, gives a person a criminal record.

The woman wishes to practice mental health care but now whenever a check is made on her 'criminal record' the caution for 'child neglect'shows up.

This case highlights much of what is wrong with this country: too many civil 'servants' wandering around trying to justify their existence.  Are the authorities seriously arguing that a six year old boy is too young to be left alone in the house for a few minutes?  Presumably he is allowed to go out an play with other kids without being tied to his mum's apron strings.

What was the nurse thinking of, making a fuss; why did the police feel compelled to stick the boot in - and what is wrong with all the prospective employers who cannot understand the pettiness and irrelevance of an out-dated caution?

We have become a nation of small-minded bumbling bureaucrats looking to cause trouble - like the traffic warden who issued a penalty notice when she saw a guy smoking a cigarette in his own van.  We have become a mean-spirited and spiteful little country - and worse still, one in which all the 'genteel folk' will soon be too frightened to do anything without permission from a government official.  And the authorities cannot work out why British productivity per worker is now one of the lowest in the industrialised world.

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