Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Rotten rotting State

Corruption from the very top down.

At the risk of saying “I told you so” (my previous blog “The British government as child abusers - 29 October 2014”)

It is now being reported in the British press that Mrs May (Home Secretary) has conceded that the Home Office may now be forced to look overseas for a new chairman / chairwoman to supervise the enquiry into the long-term and systematic child abuse that has taken place throughout the government, parliament, the police and the legal profession.

She said in Parliament yesterday “To put it bluntly, it will not be straightforward to find a chairman who has both the expertise to do this hugely important work and has had no contact at all with an institution or individual about whom people have concerns.”

Decoded: “we can’t find anyone in senior management in the civil service who may not be related to some pervert.”

Home Affairs Committee chairman Keith Vaz rejected suggestions the job had become a ‘poisoned chalice’.
He said: “We’re an island of 64 million people, and I’m certain we have someone with the skills, the leadership qualities, the integrity, and the ability to have a hands-on approach for what will be a very long inquiry.”

In a land where the basis of law is lies, discrimination, opportunism and racism, it is not surprising that those at the top are twisted.

More background at: www.crimax.net

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