Sunday, 9 November 2014

James Bond isn't "The Good Guy".

From an artcile by Caroline Cadwalladr...

Laura Poitras is an American journalist who has chosen to live in Berlin in order to avoid NSA surveillance.

Annie Machonis is a whistle-blower from another time, who also now lives in Berlin.  She was an MI5 agent who went to the press back in 1997. “In relative terms, that was a golden time for MI5. I was horrified by what I saw happening. There were no limits on its power. And there were so many things it was doing: illegal wiretapping of journalists, state-sponsored terrorism, files being held on government ministers, withholding of evidence, the imprisonment of innocent people… ”

"Everyone in Berlin takes a horrified delight in telling me that the British have what Laura Poitras calls “the worst of the worst”. It’s notable that she travelled back to the US last month for the premiere of Citizenfour but she wouldn't come to Britain. “It’s what I was advised by my lawyers.” We don’t just have GCHQ, which goes far beyond even what the NSA is doing – according to Snowden it harvests “everything” – but we also have no constitutional protections, no amendments that guard the freedom of the press, no nothing. Just a historical perspective that gives us one, possibly distorted, view of how our intelligence services work.

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