Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Cannabis Cover up

Everything remotely connected with government is a scam.  We know it and they know you know.
86% of the British public believe they are being lied to by the politicians, spin merchants and civil servants.
A previous Home Secretary says “the Metropolitan Police are institutionally dishonest.”
Three Crime and Police Commissioners are being or have been investigated for criminal conduct though none have been prosecuted.
A Chief of Police says “Some of my officers are so dishonest that if they worked for a supermarket they would be fired.”
Barristers who prosecute “drug criminals” are found to be snorting cocaine in the lavatories at Crown Courts.

This is a corrupt little island from the top down.  Everyone is lying; everyone is covering up for their mates in case they, in turn, are ratted upon.
New laws are created based on racism and Nazi principals and sections of the public applaud.
The police set up shop fronts to encourage kids to steal so they can arrest them.
Britain’s second largest bank continually breaks the laws, rigs prices and defrauds customers yet no one ever is arrested, let alone gets sent to prison.
Britain is described as “the most rigid and rotten society in the world”.  Barristers and Law Lords describe policy making as “a source of shame – akin to the worst regimes of the 20th Century".
It makes you proud to be British.

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