Friday, 29 August 2014

Another week, another cover-up, another scandal.

The police in South Yorkshire have been accused of trying to undermine and ridicule the complaints of systematic abuse reported to them by scores of boys and girls.

It is not generally understood that the police have wide discretion as to what they investigate and what they choose not to.  They will collude with their chums in the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute well-known TV and radio celebrities because the publicity that results serves to frighten and cow the general public and 'bigs-up' the powers of the police.

When it comes to checking on those closer to home – fellow officers, local councillors and the army of faceless bureaucrats who scratch each other’s backs in local and national government while carving-up the generous funding 'initiatives' - there is, to say the least, considerable reluctance.

A new report by the inspectorate of spending states “The force's public protection unit, which investigates child abuse, domestic violence and sex crimes, spent too long trying to disprove the claims of victims rather than simply recording the potential crime and investigating afterwards” and it goes on to say “attempts to manipulate the force's crime figures are not new.”

Jack Straw, a past Home Secretary, described the Metropolitan police as not only institutionally racist but institutionally corrupt.  If he got out and about more he might discover that it is not just the London police.

But let's not allow those other creeps off the hook - those who have set themselves up as superior to the rest of us and claimed the right to govern, control and pass laws over us.  As far back the 1990s Rotherham council staff raided their own child protection department in order to remove the files of hundreds of children in their care who had made allegations of sexual abuse.  This was to undermine a report due to be compiled in 2000.


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