Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Crime Commissioners and IPCC should be scrapped

The office of Police and Crime Commissioner, a new tier of bureaucracy only introduced by David Cameron in November 2012 should be scrapped according to a new report by Lord Stevens.

His report also suggests that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) should go as well as both bodies are failing to perform adequately.  The argument between Labour and the Conservatives is whether these bodies should have more powers because, at present, they are little more than hollow shams, or whether they should be scrapped altogether and replaced with something that might actually work.

The subject is close to my heart because I have recently dealt with both organisations and, of course, found them to be totally useless.  Like so many of these “watchdog” organisations, that is all they do: “watch”.  They never bark.

Why?  Because they are staffed by the same old buffers who enjoy their salaries, perks, pensions and golden handshakes by looking after each other.

I complained to the Police and Crime Commissioner that

(a) the police had removed over £100,000 worth of possessions but cannot account for them
(b) failed to act on multiple reports of theft
(c) failed to act on a complaint of an attempt to pervert the course of justice by law officers

What happened?

The Crime Commissioner handed the file to the police’s “professional standards” division who simply refused to investigate.

I then complained to the IPCC who pointed out that, in reality, they had no power to compel the police to investigate crime if they did not wish to.

You can read about the run up to these events in THECANNABIS CONSPIRACY
More information about the on-going story can be found at

Documents in support of my allegations (and there are more to follow - documents and allegations) are at

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