Monday, 1 April 2013

The Ministry of Cannabis

I finally got around to uploading a booklet I wrote some while ago to Amazon this week entitled "The Ministry of Cannabis".  It has been sitting on my PC for a couple of months awaiting some action.

It is a short dissertation on the issues I will cover in my next full-length book in the "Power, Money and Cannabis" series. I have had to postpone finishing that because I need to go off and earn a regular income to support my writing.  It is also the case that the ending (in real life) has not occurred yet for Book Two (The Cannabis Conspiracy) so it cannot be written.

Anyhow, I felt I must write something on the issue of cannabis, the law and the government because events continue to unfold.  The Ministry of Cannabis is a kind of 'bookmark' to keep me on track.  It's priced at £1.02 (the odd price being due to the VAT rate on eBooks).

Link to Ministry of Cannabis on Amazon

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