Thursday, 4 April 2013

Police actions cloaked in secrecy

The Easter hols. provided me with a chance to catch up on things so I decided to make a short movie to promote Cannabis Man (Amazon eBooks £5.14).

I thought it would be a neat idea to look at some old image streams from our factory cameras.  I had quite a sophisticated camera monitoring system set up at our grow factory.  The guts of the system was a programme called Huper DVR 2400 which ran on a dedicated PC.  The guy who built it for me designed it with a number of fail-safe devices because 24 monitoring of the site was so crucial.  Among other things he built into it a system  called RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Discs) so that image streams could never be lost if the the main disc became corrupted.

The system, in its steel server casing, was virtually bomb proof.  So when I pulled it down from its storage in the attic I was eagerly anticipating a ringside view of all the activity that took place at my factory after the police had carted me off to prison. 

I plugged it in and the server booted straight away (it was designed to boot automatically after power failure in the event that the emergency power supply failed - as I said, it was designed to be bomb-proof).  Windows booted but the Huper Site Server programme remained off line. I reloaded the operating software from the archive but the Huper components had been damaged.  The software could not recognise the processing cards.

Next I checked the two places where the archive images should have been: the partitioned D drive and the RAID utility.  Every image cache was present for the whole of 2009 and early 2010 right up to the last data block for the  period 1st June to 18th June 2010.  One electronic 'fingerprint' remained showing the file had been "amended" on 18th June.

In all, the police have sabotaged eight PCs.  This is not the consequence of clumsy dis-assembly and re-assembly.  This is a deliberate action to cover their tracks - coupled with more than a little gratuitous vandalism.

The police expect everyone to divulge their whole lives to them.  To hold back information is an offence.  Yet they, like all other government departments, operate under a cloak of secrecy.  No one is permitted to know or to see what they get up to.  They have made sure that no record exists of the tens of thousands of pounds worth of goods they removed from my three warehouses.

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