Saturday, 6 April 2013

Beyond the police state

I was sorting through some of the year's newspaper clippings as part of the research for my forthcoming book, The Cannabis Conspiracy, and when you have them all piled in front of you it really hits you just how many regular assaults on our freedom are made by the government.

Obviously, I'm not the only one saying this.  The Bishop of Liverpool has become so concerned that he has called for a special law to "control the powerful".   Nice idea but fat chance!

Then there has been the various manoeuvrings of the government throughout the year to bring secret courts into being.  The excuse, of course, was terrorism but no one believes that.

I suspect that some of my overseas readers think I am exaggerating.  How could Britain, that bastion of fair play, have become a police state?  (The head of the Counter-Terrorist Squad confirmed some years ago that we had become a police state adding "it's a pity").  It's more than that - it's a crime against the people.

Our government is now up to so much skulduggery that it is impossible to keep up with it.  Pro tem I have uploaded a few press clippings up to

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