Sunday, 31 March 2013

I'm sorry, but I told you so

In Cyprus savers are set to lose up to 67% of their money in the EU's great cash grab.  They caused outrage when they first announced "20%".  When that subsided they came back and demanded more. Does that sound more like "government" or more like the Mafia.  In truth, to call it "Mafiaesque" is to insult the Mafia.

Remember Chamberlain saying "we are not interested in events in a country far away".  That approach to foreign affairs didn't wash did it?  Interestingly, when things got tight in Cyprus the British government flew out a plane packed with cash.  Note the word "cash".  When things get hairy cash is all that matters - not credit cards, debit cards, electronic credits, bank accounts, ISAs or pensions or anything else.  Cash is still king - and as I have said many times - that is why the British government tries to make sure we, the people, have little or none.

The day when the British government decides to take everyone's cash is not that far away.  They already take between 60% and 90% in multi-layered taxes of all kinds.  It won't be that difficult for them to dream up a way to take the rest.  You think it can't happen because it hasn't happened yet.

Listen to all the drivel on TV 'current affairs' programmes and in the press: they all contrive to avoid the big issue - that our political masters keep turning the screw of oppression.  Yet still the poor fools clamour for more.  The doctors' professional body is agitating for a tax on foods that are fattening.  The press are no good for reporting anything that is important and the middle classes continue to demand more laws, interference and taxation.  In the end our only hope must lie with the irrational mob.

It is now forgotten that, in the months leading up to the second world war, all the people supported Prime Minister Chamberlain in his 'appeasement' plan.  The 'nutter' was Winston Churchill.  Conventional wisdom isn't worth a damn because it can reverse overnight.

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