Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I was chatting to the local mayor on Monday.  We touched on the issue (my hobby-horse) of the way in which the UK government's obsession with money is corrupting the legal and "justice" systems.  I feel obliged to use inverted commas when I use the words "justice" and "UK" in the same phrase.

He (the Mayor) promised to check out a few of the details I provided as evidence of what is now widespread financial shenanigans.  The following day I received an email from "a fan" asking when my next book on this very subject was due to be published.

The email was written in the style of a stoned hippie and was very complimentary.  I don't know why but it made me think of "Plebgate".  For overseas readers who do not know the story: a senior Conservative politician was accused of insulting the police outside number 10 Downing Street by using the word "pleb".  By "good fortune" a passing tourist witnessed the exchange and just happened to know the email address of the senior parliamentary 'Whip' - the man in charge of party discipline.

The email was written in ungrammatical, barely literate, English.  It transpired that - surprise, surprise - the email had been sent guessed it...a policeman.

I don't know why I connected the two events.

Anyhow, that reminds me: a quick look at Google Analytics reveals that this blog is being read in the US, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, France and Germany as well as the UK.  So a big 'thank you' for that.

I have a little something due to be published on Amazon soon - in anticipation of the main opus.  A taster, if you like.  Keep reading...

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