Friday, 22 February 2013

Money and drugs - again!

Yet another survey shows that the British public disagrees with its own government's policy on "drugs" - whatever "drug" means.

Seventy percent - yes a massive 70% want the policy and the laws changed.  Fifty-three percent want "a softer policy".  This  snapshot of public opinion is on the very wide subject of 'all drugs'.  The survey did not separate cannabis from Heroin.  The results of previous surveys have already confirmed that the British public want cannabis legalised.

Our government is absolutely hell-bent on fighting a "war" against its own people and inflicting damage on us all.  There are two outcomes of a policy that declares everyone who holds a different opinion to that of the government as "criminal".  The first, and most obvious, is that tens of thousands of people each year are declared to be criminals and a campaign ensues to ostracise  them from society.  Over the decades this is becoming a sizable army of dispossessed.  Don't imagine for a moment that these people meekly disappear.

The second outcome is that the law (all law) falls into disrepute.  If everyone is accused of breaking the law for something: speeding, offences against wheely bins, smoking a joint, slapping a naughty child, why should anyone get worked up about law-breaking.  After all, everyone is now doing it.

That brings me to my second topic.  Today Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs has published another "name and shame" list.  Not, this time, of people who - heaven forbid - haven't paid enough taxes, but people who have submitted their tax statements late.  HMRC freely admits these people have broken no law.  The government is trying to create the impression that it is now immoral not to pay them either what they demand or, as with Google, what they would like to demand.

Where money is concerned, it is no longer necessary to do anything wrong to incur the wrath of the government. They are trying to con the public into believing it is an offence against God not to offer up copious amounts of money to them.

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