Sunday, 27 January 2013

Wrecked, lost and lied

Readers of this blog will be aware I am starting up my own web design and marketing business.  That is not easy when the government has blocked your bank account and left you destitute and for dead.

The police when “examining” my PCs contrived to break FIVE of them.  I’ve managed to salvage one. 

I spent the morning looking for my driving licence counterpart which, like so many other documents, the police have “lost”.  I have always been meticulously organised so it is galling when everything you have is ransacked and wrecked.  You aren’t sure what has been left, what has been broken, what has been “lost”.

I want the licence because I will need to rent a car in order to prospect for business further afield.  Needless-to-say the amount of business in North Wales (at the best of times) wouldn't keep a gnat alive so you have some idea what it is like after four years of recession. 

I have a police report that I shall post on my website when I have time so you can see the extent to which they have lied about the hundreds of items that have gone missing.

I came across an old report (2010) that the police fed to the press after we were arrested.  Other than the fact that we grew cannabis, there is not a word of truth in it.  I will try to get round to posting that on in a few days.

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