Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Taxes and employment aid

The European Union have been making a big thing about self-employment being the big thing in the future to soak up unemployment.  The local council supposedly has grant funds available - but can I (or anyone else get to it?)  What do you think?  I have this theory that if they don't approve the grants and keep the money it goes to top-up their pensions.  As the government has taken £500,000 off me (my car, pension and all assets) I am not in the slightest reticent about applying for some grant aid to start a business that once again earns them tax and brings profits home to Wales.  I estimate I was paying well in excess of £40,000 per year  in direct and indirect taxes when I was growing cannabis.  They don't print that in the press do they?   Only coverage about "ill-gotten gains".  They are lying shits - and the press goes along with it.  The local press is the worst; they just reprint handouts from the police publicity dept. as though they were gospels.  It's all designed to frighten the public into keeping their heads down.

I'm not political, as you know.  I despise all governments and their armies of clip-board carriers, so my next comment about PM Cameron is not partisan.  He has, today, promised a referendum on European Union membership after the next election is 2015.  It get's dafter: after he has negotiated a new treaty - so sometime in 2017!  What on earth makes him think he will still be Prime Minister then?  This is a another ploy: he is telling the public (who want out of the EU) they must vote for him and not UKIP (who also want us out).  Such blatant politicking should ensure that no one votes for him next time.

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