Sunday, 13 January 2013

"The Right to Party" party

It's taking me a while - because writing takes time and wrestling with obstructive software takes longer - but I feel I am finally getting my act together in terms of the vast subject I want to write about.

I have uploaded the skeleton of a new website today that is intended to bring together all the strands of the issues I feel strongly about.  The site is  Having taught myself web design in recent months it is easier for me now to construct my own site than use a templated one.  My new site, at the moment, is a sort of pin board for all the stuff I am gathering together on the related subjects of perverse law, out-of-control bureaucrats, inept lawyers and the shear amount of lying and double-dealing that the government (and let's not forget those "civil" servants) feeds to us in order to control us and favour themselves.

I called it "Right to Party" because, essentially, that is what life should be about: doing the things you want to do, experiencing everything that life has to offer.  We all have obligations, and it is true that some people need more reminding of that than others, but we are not on earth to make a few power-crazed individuals rich.

Our government now believes that we are here to serve it, and not the other way round.  I am not suggesting that we can change that, but we do have a duty - if free will means anything - to fight the buggers every inch of the way as they try to control and dictate our every waking activity.

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