Saturday, 19 January 2013

Talk show and Dystopia-on-Sea

All being well, I am on an Internet Radio talk show tomorrow (Sunday night 19th January).  The channel is “PlanetLondonRadio” -

 The audience is modest but they are all dedicated listeners.  The show has followers across Europe.

I had to go to Colwyn Bay yesterday to see another bureaucrat.  I don’t name names because, as they tell me, ‘it’s not their fault they behave as they do – they are only “following orders.”’  Where have heard that before?

The bureaucrats and government hangers on are killing this country and get richer as they do it.  Colwyn Bay high street now has hardly any ‘real’ shops if you discount the charity shops, nail bars and Vietnamese take-aways.  There’s even a hydroponics grow-shop on the High Street now.

I’ve posted a collection of photographs I took yesterday on my website

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