Wednesday, 9 January 2013

News from HMP Kirkham

My informants at Her Majesty's Prison, Kirkham, inform me that the governor was marched off the premises last month by his own security staff.  The institution is on its third governor in in less than a year.

More seriously I am told that the wife of one of the inmates "fell down the stairs" at Christmas.  This is none of my business except that, I don't believe a person can kill themselves by falling down stairs; break an arm, a leg, or even crack a pelvic bone maybe, but accidentally get killed?  I doubt it. Princess Dianna allegedly 'threw herself' down a flight of stairs at the palace (and they have long staircases) and was able to walk away.

I suspect that this dear lady committed suicide because her husband of long standing had been sent to prison and at Christmas-time the loneliness was just too much.  Furthermore, I suspect that this is the usual conspiracy of untruths it is convenient for the Status Quo to tell, and in this case, most palatable for the husband to hear.

The British state is directly responsible for the deaths of many innocent citizens each year because of its obsession with inventing new laws and then pursuing those who fall foul of them to the maximum.  If you embark on a course of action, certain in the knowledge that it will push a person to take their own life how is this not conspiracy to murder?

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