Friday, 18 January 2013

I miss my Merc

It is snowing heavily this morning and is a long walk in the blizzard to the nearest bus stop.

As usual the bus smells of stale piss.  Arriva, the company runs the service, are replacing the fabric seats on some of their newer buses and going back to plastic so they can be hosed down.  Some of the passengers – this at 9:30 am - reek of booze.  Welcome to downtown Rhyl on a Friday in January.

Speaking of “POCA”, as I was in yesterday’s blog (a coincidence????), The Crown Advocate (the senior prosecutor at the CPS – the Crown Prosecution Service) rang me for a chit-chat last night.  They vilify me in the press: tell the public what a nasty villain I am (luckily, no one around here believes them) then they phone me for a little tet-a-tet.

The only thing that keeps these nasty people under control is the fear that the public might find out what they are secretly up to.

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