Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I've just taken a look at my Amazon account and - to my pleasant surprise - "Cannabis Man" has started selling.  So, if you are reading this and are one of the people who purchased it: thank you very much.  I'm not entirely sure where it is selling, but from the range of different royalty rates I can discern that it is selling in the UK, the US and one other country.  No doubt I'll learn more as time goes on.

I make one observation on this for any other eBook authors reading: I am dead against the current manic trend for GIVING AWAY eBooks as though giving things away is ever a good business model.  Amazon like to give away free eBooks because it pushes up sale of their Kindles.  I don't believe this competition that indie authors are having to see who can give away the most books and devalue the medium can ever be a good thing.

The interest in this, my first book on the subject, gives me the encouragement to get going on the second, for which I have boxes full of notes but little coherent prose yet.  Personally, I find the subject matter of this second book more interesting because the reality came as a genuine shock to me.

I've been invited to write a guest blog for an American writer called Richard Stephenson at http://rastephensonauthor.blogspot.co.uk/.  I'm drafting this as over Christmas so I'm hoping he will publish it early in the new year.

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