Thursday, 24 January 2013

Crime Figures

The government has said today that crime is at its lowest level for 30 years.  So why do we have more people behind bars than ever before?  If there is less crime surely there should be fewer "criminals".

The answer of course is that (a) the government is lying as usual and crime has not miraculously decreased.  According to my probation officer she has more "clients" than ever before and (b) the government is writing new law all the time.   If there are more laws (3000 new laws under Tony Blair's government) there is bound to be more law-breaking.  Somehow, and only THEY know how they fudge the figures, the government is contriving to convict more people for for "crimes" that are not "real" crimes so do not show up in the official figures.

The same double-speak is apparent with drugs.  Cameron says "We are winning the drugs war.   Fewer people are taking drugs".  Yet Liverpool police complain that almost every building hides a cannabis factory.

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