Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Can the British actually do anything?

Since the government took all my cars off me and left me with nothing, Maxine and I have been trudging back from Tesco with our shopping.  Every couple of weeks we get a taxi for the heavier items.  At first we thought we would call a a taxi every week, but little by little we found reasons to struggle without calling on outside help.
We tried the courtesy phone at Tesco's but either the wait was unacceptable or else they said "twenty minutes" but the taxi never showed.  More than once we gave up and pushed the supermarket trolley home.
Then we found a village firm.  That worked once; then we discovered they only worked Fridays - when we tried ringing on Wednesday we found ourselves high-and-dry.
We tried another company, briefly, but the drivers were surly and idle.  A generous tip didn't help.
Now we have given up on taxis.  It is easier struggling without them.  I have been put in this position countless times before with builders, plumbers, joiners and any number of people on whom I have tried to force money.
In part it is the North Wales effect.  There is zero business acumen here, but I wonder to what extent this malaise now affects the the rest of Britain?  Is there a recession or is that the British have lost all ability to do anything to earn a living?

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