Sunday, 9 December 2012

The right to party - party (episode 1)

I am splitting my blogging subjects into two topics, my private crusade against big and oppressive government and the work I want to do on British eBooks.
The former subject I intend to rant about on this blog, the latter on my blogs at and Digital Cove.
The issue of freedom features in the press all the time but not as a concept in its own right.  For some reason it has to be split up into smaller issue that the public will understand.
Last month it was the Leveson enquiry and the 'freedom of the press'.  That project was unfortunately hijacked by a bunch of celebrities who make millions from courting public interest but then get upset when they can't switch it off.
Today there is an article by Janet Daley in the Daily Telegraph in which she points out that British tax policy (and more especially the government's insatiable demand for money) is destroying freedom.
This issue - the government's destruction of society by financial deceit is an issue that I intend to return to.

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