Wednesday, 12 December 2012

At it again

As usual much in the press this last week about the UK government's continuing war on its citizens:

a Mr Hone who was falsely accused by the Inland Revenue of evading tax and had his business destroyed.  It took two judges to finally get to the truth that Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs were lying.  No one in government will be prosecuted for perjury.  I have misplaced the direct link to the story but you can read the full transcript at   Click on the archive link to "Hone Story".

yet another government committee has recommended that some recreational drugs (cannabis in particular) should be legalised. Cameron has said there should be no change because "we are winning the war".  Over 60% of the British people support legalisation so with whom do they imagine they are at war.

I don't smoke cannabis.  I don't even smoke cigarettes (mine's a whisky if you're buying) but I cannot see what business it is of the government how people quietly enjoy themselves (so long as it does not disadvantage others).

Do you know how many people died in cannabis-related incidents in 2010 (the last year for which figures are available)?  I'll tell you: seven.  That's right 7.  And of those seven people, cannabis did not kill them. They took cannabis in order to ease the pain of dying.  Compare that with the deaths from tobacco: tens of thousands.

There is no public health issue regarding cannabis.  The government has a secret agenda for banning cannabis, and of course, it is all about money.

My point is not whether or not cannabis carries with it some danger.  Obviously it does because inhaling anything into your lungs is not good.  That is why people in London live, on average, three years less than people who live in, say, Wiltshire.   My point is, the be-all and end-all of living is not live as long as possible, no matter what.  The reasons for being alive are experiencing, exploring, enjoying.  The Queen Mother once remarked, when an artist tried to paint a flattering portrait, “I wouldn't want people to think that life hadn't left its mark.”

What the government is presently doing, criminalising people for smoking cannabis, is exactly the same oppressive stance that it took to gays twenty years ago, and to African and Asian people fifty years ago and to women one hundred years ago.

What is it about the mentality of the men (and women) who feel they have the right to control us, that makes them want to get involved in our personal lives and peccadillos?

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