Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Why I'm blogging

My name is Mark Graham.  I live in a small village in North Wales (UK) with Maxine, my wife of 38 years (just had our anniversary last week) and a huge black cat called Sergeant Pepper.  (We called him that because even as a kitten he was bossy).
I qualified as a civil engineer back in the late seventies then worked in London for a trade association marketing timber products.  In 1984 I set up a company in Wales manufacturing specialist lacquered furniture.  Until the great crash at the end of the Thatcher era we did quite well.  In the in the early nineteen-nineties we went broke.  After a few attempts at other things I found myself growing cannabis - and very successfully, too. I started, small scale in a shed, took on some helpers and the enterprise literally just grew and grew.  We all worked very hard at getting the quality right, making sure our price was fair (in fact very cheap) and getting it out to the customers.  That part of our story in told in my eBook "Cannabis Man".  Please checkout my website htpp://markpomoca.webs.com for more information.
The really nasty part started up when the government money-men got themselves involved.  There exists a secret financial police – these days money is everything to the government – that have extraordinary and indeed extra-legal powers.  Being a government invention they have written themselves out of the law. They don’t exist officially, so they don’t need to obey any law.  It is an old aphorism that ‘money is the root of all evil’.  We know that most western governments are in a financial mess and are desperate for money – any money from anyone and anywhere.  They are hardly going to leave the drug industry alone with its millions, are they?
My first book, out on eBook now, is called CANNABIS MAN.  It is available on Amazon for download on Kindle but is also on Kobo and Smashwords for download in any format.  In the UK it is priced at £5.14 (the funny price is due to the British government adding on VAT) and in the US at $7.92. 

The second in the series "Power, Money and Cannabis" is due out in March.  That is going to be called "The Cannabis Conspiracy" and is all about the way the British government has made itself the country's biggest drug dealer.

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