Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The hassle of ebooks

Publishing an eBook is not the straightforward excercise the media commentators would have you believe, so once again believe little or nothing of what the media says or writes.  I spent most of last week trying to decode vague and poorly written upload instructions on Amazon, (though Kobo seemed more straightforward) and the weekend wrestling with unresponsive websites.  I am expected to master HTML because no two eReader programmes function the same.  I thought I was doing well with Smashwords, which strikes me, by the way, as great site until their automatic programme required me to resize the cover image that both Amazon and Kobo had already accepted.  So I sorted that and uploaded.  Then they suggested I check the uploaded text by sampling in their HTML viewer.  I hope and trust that this is just a buggy programme because it reduced my word document to partial gibberish.  I am vetting my uploads through no less than three eReader programmes plus HTML.  All reproduce text slightly differently and appear to show errors that do not exist.  Writing a book is the least of it.  As usual our techie friends have a lot to answer for.  Good job they don't build aircraft.
Anyhow, CANNABIS MAN, the book, is now on Smashwords, Kobo, Amazon and (I think) iPad so you have no reason for not reading it.  I tried uploading to Google books but their site just crashed.  Don't forget to visit my website (I struggled with it for long enough!) at www.markpomoca.webs.com.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    I wondered if you knew about the membership organisation which I and many of my fellow traditionally published authors belong to, the Alliance of Independent Authors ALLi? There is a ton of advice there for indie authors from fellow members as I see you've been having probs with uploading to the various sites. Alli members are about wanting to make their work as professional as possible - including offering support and help for professional cover design, copy editing and proof reading. The link is:
    allianceindependentauthors.org/ is the link if you're interested.