Monday, 26 November 2012


Monday 26th Nov.
Zombietown: had to go into Colwyn Bay today.  Things just get worse.  It looks to me like one in three business premises are vacant - for sale, auction or boarded up. Because they know I am writing books, a friend suggested some local government agencies that might help.  Since when did the gov. help?  Directed to "Working Links" but they had moved.  A storm is raging, floods everywhere, half the country under water according to the BBC.  So I was soaked.  Working Links building now occupied by 4u8 or 8for u or 4nik8 - some hip but meaningless title.  The room full of unemployed tippy-tapping at PCs.  Redirected to Princess Road - wind howling, brolly no good.  Soaked to the skin by now.  Working Links another room full of tippy-tappy unemployed.  In a town that has curled up and died with one in three business premises empty, why does the gov. think that dozens of people staring at PC screens have any chance of finding a job?  The  only people in work are the bureaucrats - public and private hangers on - who earn a living offering false hope to the unemployed.  It is a depressing and pointless existence at this level.

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